About Us

In 2012, I finally decided to go ahead and live my dreams. After raising two beautiful daughters and working with my husband in our surveying company for 20 years I decided it was time.  With a degree in Haute Couture and Art I had to start creating again .I rented a studio and started felting. As all you artists out there, there was so many products out there for fiber and mixed media artists and I wanted it all. I guess I decided to buy it all and sell a bit so that I could have all the different wools, silks, textures and colours. Divinityfibers was born. This shop is for all wool and silk fiber artist. I then started experimenting with silks and different silk fibers and fell in love.
SilkDivine was born. I saw the infinite possibilities with Sari silk yarn and ribbon. The textures and colours were so vibrant and it was so beautiful when felted, knit, crochetted, crazy quilted, couched, woven and made into fine jewelry.
This is when the incredible adventure started. I am having as much pleasure in supplying my fellow artists and sharing there love for there work. I pride myself in being devoted to my clients in the best way I can. As an artist and supplier I strive to search the world to provide the best quality product at the best possible price.
I unfortunately don't have much time these days to create but I do enjoy working with all my fellow etsians and love to see what the creative mind can come up with in the process.
Thank you to all my loyal customers for supporting me and Thank You for visiting SilkDivine.