Huge Weaving Yarn and Sari silk Ribbon variety pack Kit (Wine Country)

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Divinityfibers and Blanc Laine come together to offer you a weaving yarn and ribbon kit. This kit is perfect if you want to try different types of fibers since it includes all of our bestsellers!
Included in the kit :
~Over 13oz (350g) of Yarn, Ribbon and Fiber!
4.5 oz (140g) - Merino Wool Roving in a selection of 3 coordinating colors
1.5oz (33g) banana silk yarn
1.5oz (33g) cotton fuzzy yarn
1.75oz (50g) Sari silk Ribbon
1oz (25g) cotton thread yarn
2.5oz (60g) Pencil Roving in an assortment of 2 different colors

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